Ugly Runner is a 4-piece rock ‘n’ roll band from Asheville, North Carolina. As broad as the spectrum of rock ‘n’ roll itself, so are the influences of Ugly Runner. Aiming to create timeless rock ‘n’ roll that dances on the edge of psychedelia, and invokes nostalgia from the first listen, the band entered the studio in May 2019 to record their debut EP, Romanticizer, at Sedgwick Studios in Flat Rock, NC. Working with engineer, Peter Brownlee, they tracked the 6-song EP and spent the remainder of the year playing shows in preparation for the release of “Romanticizer” on 1/02/2020 on Cleopatra Records.


Stephen Britt: Guitar/Vocals

Brett J Kent: Bass/Vocals

Lowell Hobbs: Guitar/Vocals

Eli Raymer: Drums